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G reat present for a new dad!

Made to order. Other colours available upon request.

100% ringspun cotton t-shirt. Machine washable up to 40 degrees on gentle cycle (inside out) or hand wash. Do not tumble dry.

In the Southern United States , Utah as well as in Hungary a sunshower is said to show that "the devil is beating his wife" (or, more rarely, "the devil is beating his wife with a walking stick") because he is angry God created a beautiful day. The rain is said to be his wife's tears. A regional variant from Tennessee is "the devil is kissing his wife". [8] [9] In French , the phrase is "Le diable bat sa femme et marie sa fille" [10] (., "the devil is beating his wife and marrying his daughter"). In the Netherlands and Belgium , they say that there is a "funfair going on in hell". [11]

Baby Fox - RainBaby Fox - RainBaby Fox - RainBaby Fox - Rain